The best project you will ever work on, is YOURSELF.

Nicholas Fury, Founder & Nationally Certified Master Trainer San Diego, California

Nicholas Fury, Founder & Nationally Certified Master Trainer
San Diego, California

Nicholas Fury, founder of Furious Fitness is the driving force behind San Diego's premier personal training programs.  He focuses on physical rehabilitation of injuries, movement, nutrition, and strength and conditioning.  Always striving for excellence, his goal is to teach others how to create the conditions, and the environment, for a complete physical and lifestyle transformation. Accomplished not only through fitness training and nutritional counseling but by looking in depth at your physical, and emotional well-being. Nicholas will not only help you achieve your personal fitness goals but will give you the tools to transform your life.

What differentiates my practice from others is my ability to form deep connections with my clients and help motivate them to succeed.
— Nicholas Fury

Nicholas has over 10 years years of experience in the fitness industry, ranging from personal training, to CrossFit, to corrective and functional moment programming. Not only has he been a coach at some of the top gyms in the U.S., but he has also coached overseas, bringing CrossFit to Indonesia. After working with Gold's Gym, 24-Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Kinetic Sports Rehab, and CrossFit, Nicholas decided to start Furious Fitness. Understanding that fitness programming needs to tailored to the client's unique goals, fitness level, interests and lifestyle, he developed a program that utilizes athletic methodologies and movements from various practices.


Nationally certified and accredited, Nicholas takes pride in always staying current on latest information associated with health, sports rehabilitation, exercise science and nutrition.

Precision Nutrition
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Weight Lifting 1
IKFF Certified Kettle Bell Teacher