We understand the unique challenges faced by brides, and we know how to make sure you look exquisite in your dress, and confident in your photos. We've heard it time and time again, either you workout at the gym with no results, or results in all the wrong places.

Located in downtown San Diego, Master Personal Trainer Nicholas Fury will help you sculpt, tone and transform your body. Nicholas has trained elite athletes as well as bridal models and countless bride-to-be's!


Nationally Certified and Accredited

Nationally Certified and Accredited

90-Day Bridal Fitness Program

Want to train with your bridesmaids?

We offer training packages for 2 or 3 people. Each person gets their own customized training and nutrition plan as well as everything in the 90-Day Bridal Fitness Program. Save some money and bond with your bridesmaids at the same time. Not only will you look great in your photos, but your bridesmaids will look stunning as well!


Can't Make it to Our Studio?

Our online training program is a great option. Our Online Training Program brings the best of training with us right to you, wherever you are. Train in the comfort of your home, home gym, or on the road. You will get the benefits of a personalized program, sent directly to you.  Every week you will meet with your coach on Skype for a 15-60 minute check-in (you choose the duration) to discuss and document your progress and address any challenges you might be experiencing. Not only will these check-ins provide added accountability but they will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Our online program consists of:

  • Weekly Skype/Facetime check-ins for full accountability
  • Fitness assessment and nutrition consultation
  • Customized workout programming
  • Step-by-step exercise instruction
  • Customized nutrition programming
  • Fully customized menus / meal plans
  • Master grocery list
  • Easy-to-follow Guide to incorporate your nutrition program into your daily life
  • Tips & Tricks-Common pitfalls to lookout for when starting a nutrition and exercise program
  • Motivation and Support


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